About Me

I am a recent Bethel University graduate with Bachelor's degrees in Journalism and Psychology. During my time at Bethel, I worked on the Bethel TikTok marketing team, led the Bethel Clarion as managing editor and mentored college freshman as an RA. 

In my free time, I coach high school dance team and can be found creating fun designs on Canva, making magazine collages or laughing over iced matcha lattes with friends. I hope to use my journalism and social media skills to share entertaining and aesthetic truth with the world.

Recent Articles

Spirituality in a different setting

Hospital chaplains work around the clock to provide holistic care for patients, ranging from being a comforting presence to powerful moments of prayer and grief.

Deanna Conrad enters the hospital waiting room, where the parents of a car accident victim have just arrived, anxiously awaiting news about their child. They don’t yet know whether their child could be in critical condition, or even dead.

Conrad is the one to tell them their child has passed away.

Conrad is the one to handle the grie

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