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Anna Pearson

I am a junior Psychology and Journalism double major at Bethel University in St. Paul, Minnesota. I work on the Bethel Tik Tok marketing team, coach a high school dance team, write for the Bethel Clarion, and am a freshman RA. In my free time, I’m likely creating fun designs on Canva, laughing over iced matcha lattes with friends, or attempting to make a good playlist for once. I’m passionate about being the funny friend, correct grammar, and finding out what makes people happy. I hope to use my journalism and marketing skills to share aesthetically pleasing truth with the world someday.

Objects in mirror may be nicer than they appear

Are Bethel students stuck inside a bubble of sugar and sweet, separated from real-world meanness?

“Minnesota nice” noun: Being reserved, courteous and mild-mannered, according to Wikipedia.

“Bethel University nice” noun: Saying hi to every single person you see on campus, even the third cousin once-removed of your biology lab partner, then looking them up on the Directory five minutes later to check where they live, what their major is, what year they are by credit and the quality of their ID

One small step for men, one giant leap for dance

Zachary Greenwald performs in the Hopkins Royelles varsity kick dance routine in their home gym at Hopkins High School during a Lake Conference meet in 2019. Greenwald is proud of the work put into the lawsuit and opportunities presented for future Minnesota dancers. “I’m excited to see what goes on in the future of boys in dance,” Greenwald said. “I think there’s a lot of potential. There’s just so many incredible studios in Minnesota, that I would love if Minnesota and dance team became like a

Spirituality in a different setting

Hospital chaplains work around the clock to provide holistic care for patients, ranging from being a comforting presence to powerful moments of prayer and grief.

Deanna Conrad enters the hospital waiting room, where the parents of a car accident victim have just arrived, anxiously awaiting news about their child. They don’t yet know whether their child could be in critical condition, or even dead.

Conrad is the one to tell them their child has passed away.

Conrad is the one to handle the grie

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